We design, chisel, create, refine and duplicate to
convert Brands for Instant Recognition

How can we help?

iBrand & Design (iBD) is an all-inclusive service provider committed to increasing your bottom-line by providing quality services at cost savings prices. iBD offers brand strategy implementation, professional graphic designs and quality products that are sure to stretch any budget and make every job easier! 

One-Source Marketing

Connecting with iBD is your “One-Source Marketing” provider, now you can stop dealing with multiple vendors when you call on us. 

We stretch your marketing budget by designing, printing and delivering all business needs through a single resource, priced well below our competitors.

Marketing On-Demand

We offer “Marketing On-Demand” services to business startups, corporation, event marketers, educational institutions for long-term marketing support.

We create ongoing partnerships with our clients as a “virtual marketing assistant” who is right there when they need to get the job done. 

Why Choose us?

We are focused on helping clients establishing branding guidelines for their corporate identity, craft brand messaging and establishing their digital footprints.

We oversee the use of your logo, brand messaging, typography, approved colors, photos, images and ensure every deliverable is created according to your branding guidelines.

Char Ross, Founder
Brand & Business Strategist

Meet The Founder

“Many are called, but few are chosen” exemplifies who we are as a company. From an early age, I have always been creative, a good organizer and possess an eagerness to help others. My passion to create and to serve is enhanced with a creative gift and an analytical aptitude that comes naturally, and can rarely be taught. My desire is take life lessons, of both success and failures, to build a company with a strong reputation of not just being creative, but offering excellent customer service, and competitive pricing. A company of integrity and reliability.

Our goal is to strategically position iBrand & Design (iBD) as an industry leader in creating strategies to build recognizable brands. With a solid track record of serving churches, non-profit organizations and schools over the last 20 years, we are excited to expand these success stories to a wider client base.

When you partner with iBD, as your brand strategist and virtual marketing assistant, you have our commitment to “Take Your Vision from Concept to Completion.” That’s our bottom line!

iBrand & Design, a division of it’s By DeZign, LLC was officially launched in Spring of 2016, after relinquishing 15 year partnership with Spectrum Delivers, LLC. 

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