BizSMARTStart Enlightenment Series

Providing business development resources geared to help entrepreneurs & non-profits start, maintain or grow their business.

Business Boomerang

Business Boomerang is a 8-week boot camp with step-by-step guidance and practical instructions on how to formulate a legal entity, , marketing & obtain people resources needed to launch a successful business. This program guides entrepreneurs with specific actions needed to achieve tangible results to start their business.

Bootcamp Workshops

Business Concept Checkup

Awareness and assessment of yourself, your idea, customers, and products creates a foundation to launch your business.

From Concept to Operations

Walking you through the steps of selecting the right business structure, banking, insurance, and professional advisors.

Designing Your Masterpiece

Provides key insights on using branded imagery to boost awareness, enhance recognition and drive customer loyalty.

Giving Your Message a Voice

Marketing with effective brand messaging.

Make Your Money Matter

Establishing a financial framework to collect revenue, track expenses, taxes and to produce internal & external reports.

Defining a Technical Edge

Identifying the right tools to simplify day-to-day tasks for operations, sales, marketing & office automation!

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