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iBrand & Design is committed to increasing your bottom-line by providing a brand strategy that will resonate with your target audience. We offer brand strategy implementation, professional graphic designs and quality products that are sure to stretch any budget and make every job easier!

Why Choose us?

We focus on brand consistency, branding guidelines, brand messaging, brand imagery, and brand’s digital footprints.

We oversee every aspect of your brand identity to ensure it is consistently replicated across all touch points resulting in increased brand equity .

One-Source Marketing

As  your “One-Source Marketing” provider, we save you time to make  money. We protect your brand from brand identity theft by covering your brand with consistent brand replication at all touch points.

Ongoing client partnerships ensures the job get’s done right, on-time and on budget.

Marketing On-Demand

We offer “Marketing On-Demand” services to businesses, event planners, and institutions for long-term support.

We stretch your marketing budget by bundling designing, printing, production, and delivery services for all your business needs through a single resource. 

Ask about our competitor price guarantee.

Professional Service. Dependable Results.

As a One-Source provider our attention to detail, combined with creativity, flexibility, and diversified relationships in the industry gives you the reassurance needed to focus on growing your business.

Experience, expertise, and technical insights makes us the only choice to refine, define, and convert your brand to instant consumer recognition.

We produce logos, stationery, printed materials, signage, promotional products, custom apparel and responsive websites to cohesively designed to drive public recognition. Maintaining a consist visual image brand is fundamental to building a corporate identity that is publicly distinguishable, easily communicated, and effectively marketed.
We establish the platforms from websites, social media, business listing, search engine optimization, analytics, email addresses and online marketing campaigns to help grow your business. Platform setups include a branded layouts, administrative setup, banner / cover photo creation and initial content population.
We develop marketing materials for online and offline promotions, attendee registration, conference logistics, conference materials, and onsite event support. We create memorable design ideas, presentation materials, paraphernalia, keepsakes, signage & displays that provide a lasting impression for all attendees.
By tapping into a global marketplace we supply a wide range of electronic, sporting, or corporate gift items emblazed with logo, contact and messaging to keep your brand in front of consumers.Rewarding customers, clients or event attendees with memorbilia as an excellent way to get residual brand marketing.

Through a wide variety of corporate apparel brands, industry specific attire, athletic gear in a vast variety of styles, colors, and texture, we help ensure your interaction with the general public starts with your brand first. Branding through employees is the most strategic point of contact with the general public.

Logo Designs

Brand Formula

Having a brand formula is a key ingredient to making an authentic and convincing brand identity. It is a science as much as an art form that must be carefully defined.

Brand Guidelines

Governs how the brand identity is applied across all collateral, apparel and digital items. They are used to ensure consistency and provide instant brand recognition.

Brand Recognition

A recognizable brand creates customer loyalty, increases product value, and determines brand equity. Brand recognition determines consumer value.

We focus on brand consistency, creating branding guidelines, crafting brand messaging, designing brand imagery. and refining your brand’s digital footprints.

We oversee every aspect of your brand’s identity to ensure it is consistent, properly replicable to increase your brand equity.

the use of your logo, brand messaging, typography, approved colors, photos, images and ensure every deliverable is created according to your branding guidelines.


Stop dealing with multiple vendors when refining, defining and duplicating your brand. 

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